Born in Bruges in 1972, I now get labeled ‘internet entrepreneur’ as I try to focus on my Casius start-up. I don’t mind being called an avid technology enthusiast or geek either. I spent my childhood attending schools in Rotterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp and Brussels. My boyish career choices were ranging from singer-song writer, movie director, multi-media artist, naval architect, entrepreneurial engineer to pragmatic politician…  Since childhood dreams are to be pursued, I still hope to taste from several of these occupations in this life time. I scored an e-mail address in 1991 at Brussels University, and surprisingly got hold of the accompanying engineering master degree at Solvay Business School, with a specialization in computer sciences. I ‘combined’ some of those university years with being the general president of the Flemish student union VVS and still remain a strong defender of its mission. I bought my first domain name in 1995 and have been building web applications ever since. Being unable to obtain funding for my virtualization ideas, I quit my job as a technology consultant at Accenture to co-found Casius.com as CTO in December 1999. Casius shamelessly burned 4.000.000 EUR of venture capital during the first internet bubble with the idea of “Matching home owners with pre-screened & qualified local contractors all over Europe”. Through a Management Buyout in 2005, I purchased Casius from the Venture Capitalist and now equally split ownership with my Dutch business partner Ingmar Algera. I consider myself lucky for being able work with such great teams in Belgium and The Netherlands. In parallel with improving and expanding the profitable Casius services, I get passionately distracted by my other ventures: Promex.be (web development), Virtualization.com (media portal) &Virtualisers.be (ICT consulting). I try to balance my fortunate work life with two energetic sons and one fabulous wife in Brussels. I am not religious, but my temple does require me to run and swim to stay healthy. Depending on the holiday season, you might cross me on a catamaran, snowboard or at an art exhibition near you. I keep my LinkedIn profile up to date for business propositions and networking sake, but I am not for hire.

About Me

Internet entrepreneur. Proud founder of Casius.com, Virtualisers.be, Virtualization.com, Promex.be and 2 sons. Not necessarily in that order. Read more...